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One way to relax is a day’s fly fishing, another would be  planing a few strips of bamboo, but if you only have a few minutes to spare, take a look at this short video and feel life slowing down!

It is theraputic to see the way Nick Taransky makes a bamboo rod and talks about his craft. Taransky and bamboo is a natural combination, just as bamboo and silk fly lines go together.  Put the three together and you have something very special.

“Silk Fly Lines, as with bamboo as a rod material, the history and tradition is part of it, but they simply perform so much better than any of the plastic lines, it’s a no brainer.” Nick Taransky

“Nick is a keen fly fisherman as well as a fine craftsmen, hand building bamboo fly rods in his workshop for a living. It was a great day as Nick is obviously passionate about his craft and keen to spread the word on how good bamboo fly rods are especially on small bushy streams encountered all over Australia.” Jack McCowan who made the video whilst visiting Nick Taransky’s workshop.


Nick Taransky Bamboo Rods

Jack McCowan

Phoenix Silk Fly Lines