We live in the Loire Valley, where there is a huge selection of exellent wines which we enjoy sharing with guests who stay in our holiday cottages, or pointing them in the direction of recommended vineyards.

However, we were recently asked about whether it was possible to visit a brasserie (brewery) in our part of France.  This innocent question has started us on a journey of the artisan breweries of France, with the occasional guest beer from elsewhere. We both thought it would be fun to post one beer each Sunday, and hope you will share it with us – virtually of course.

Mike was born and brought up in Yorkshire, where real men drink real beer, and is enjoying the journey, and Jean, who prefers her glass with a long stem, is not used to drinking beer at all so is on a journey of discovery. Each Sunday Beer will have two points of view and those who know us will not be surprised to find they might be different!

We aim to concentrate on one artisan brewery at a time, some sourced from our own travels, such as La Crox du Rat which we found in the Dordogne,  and others from ‘Le Caveau Ludois’ in Le Lude, who specialise in artisan beers and just happen to be not far away from home.