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For the purists beer with the addition of chestnuts might seem odd, but this beer surprised me. I would not have bought it by choice, but wanted to taste the whole range from Le Croix du Rat. Surprisingly, it has a nice hoppy flavour, but I was not getting chestnut at all. Would go well with fish and chips or a pork pie (paté en crout).

The female view aka Jean was that it had a pleasant after taste of chestnut, but again would have not known it contained chestnut.  The label is a give away! She imagined herself somewhere in an English pub with a Ploughman’s in an English pub – (a good English cheese, pickle, chunk of bread, butter and some salad).

We both like the plea on the label of all the beers from La Croix de Rat to recycle the bottles by taking them back to the brasserie!