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Part of the joy of making Phoenix Lines is the direct contact with our clients. The lines are hand crafted and, of necessity, take time to make.  It is therefore heartwarming, especially during the winter months, to receive reports from clients about their use of Phoenix flylines and their various adventures.  Here is one such report from Peter Elks in Australia, who has been using Phoenix since 2003, possibly longer.  We are hugely grateful to Peter for taking the time to write this and found it very readable indeed.

“I am still a huge fan of your lines as they really do outperform the moderns in categories that really do count when it comes to good fish coming to the bank.

It is very apparent in Australia that a great many flyfishers frequently overlook or simply don’t take the time to acknowledge the real benefits offered. Maybe it’s because many feel that modern technology overides everything from the past, and that modern must be better? So we stop both looking and thinking further!

The benefits of a Phoenix silk silk double taper are to my belief as follows —

Pick up and laydown is direct, accurate, slick and has less surface disturbance than plastic.
The way these lines float ensures they cast lesser shadows than modern lines.
The lines have practically zero memory yet are very supple.
The lines are naturally textured to assist in the aerodynamic efficiency and floatation qualities, yet they are soft and supple on the fingers.
Rollcasting and variations of such casts, such, as spey, are far superior to any other line I have ever used.
The tip diameter of the lines is considerably less than modern equivalents.
Low flash finish and a real time wind cheating ability due to the lines weight and diameter ratios gives additional edges over plastic .
Furthermore a greased line floats and an ungreased is a perfect intermediate yet both these qualities is stored on the one reel you fish with.

All these qualities then present a very fishy array of major benefits not found in modern lines and for me personally are the direct reason I’ve been able to outwit some truly well educated good trout in the past few years.”

Website:  www.phoenixclassics.com

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